The fine art of bracing scoliosis

By basing orthosis production on CAD and through the use of a suitable brace library, cumulative and time-tested know-how is available anytime and anywhere. This kind of brace production is not dependent on the daily form or learning curve of the technician. Medical supply stores that are not very specialised will have access to models that are standardised and tested in practice.

The ScoliCAD™ software enables brace design, scaling of the patients' scan and virtual brace adjustment.

The ScoliCAD™ software enables brace design, scaling of the patients‘ scan and virtual brace adjustment.

Another advantage of the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technique has to do with how quickly braces can be provided. Foreign patients (from Italy, England, the Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, USA, New Zealand) are regularly treated at the author’s practice. Using the CAD/CAM technique, we can offer ‘overnight’ service. The patients are fitted with the brace on the second day following the examination.

In the practice of Dr. Moramarco in the USA (Scoliosis 3DC), the GBW is also fitted the next day, and sometimes even on the same day.

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Mirroring od the deformity is the most important issue in modern bracing technology. The unique CAD adjustment software as developed by Dr. Weiss enables fast processing and a safe treatment according to the latest and evidence based standards.

3b 7006

CAD with patients‘ trunks as scanned enables 3D studies on scoliosis deformity and correction.

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Full access to all editing measures are possible using the unique CAD software to adjust the cutting edge CAD brace library (Gensingen brace according to Dr. Weiss ®).

A short video is showing the process with the carving service as provided in China at Nan Xiaofeng’s Spinal Orthopedic Workshop: